A Firsthand Account Of A Kid Living Through The Pandemic

When I first heard school was closed I was excited because I was going to be home. I would soon see I was wrong. Since school closed everything changed. I do not do activities with anyone in person and do not go out of the neighborhood more than once a month. Each day goes like this: In the morning I no longer use an alarm because I do not have to catch my 7 o’clock bus to school. Usually my mom or dad would wake me up at 6. Now they wake me up at 8. Every day it can take me 15-20 minutes to drag myself out of bed. After I eat a healthy breakfast and sometimes brush my teeth I sign on to my class. After that I take my dog out to go potty and for a walk. Before the pandemic, my mornings were all different and bright. Now my days are dull. My days used to be full of socializing and outside activities. Some outside and social activities were karate, swimming, playing and talking with friends and helping my parents run errands. Now my social activities are online meetings and outside meetings with us wearing masks and social distancing. The past weeks have gone by fast and slow at the same time. I can’t explain the feeling. Over the course of the pandemic I have felt sad and like the pandemic will never end, although I know it will end eventually. I think that in the long term the pandemic is good for us. It helps us value other people as well as going out on errands and other mundane parts of daily life.

By: Javi (NY)

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